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What is Press on Nails?

Press on Nails gives you instant and multiple time manicure effect without damaging your natural nails at home.

What are they made from?

Press on nails made from Acrylic and comes in full cover tips and Hand painted with highly reccomended & quality gel polish (purchased from

Are custom orders available?

Yes, all sets are made to order. If you like any set in some different color or shape, or if you have an idea of your own, feel free to message me.

Where to order?

As of now you can buy them on

What are the avalable shapes ?

Total 5 shapes are available in different length :
- Medium & Long Stilletto
- Medium & Long Oval
- Medium & Long Square
- Medium Coffin
- Long Ballerina

Are all shapes have same size?

No, all shapes comes in different sizes. Hence, measuring your nails before order is highly reccomended.

How to measure my natural nails?

- Measure the widest part of your natural nails.
- Take a piece of scotch tape and press one end into the edge of your nail.
- Smooth the tape along the nail to the other side and press the other end into the 2nd edge.
- Mark the edge points using a marker.
- Take a ruler or tape measure and hold the scotch tape along side it to find the length in mm or cm. 1cm=10mm

How to order after i find my correct size ?

Choose your favorite set you want to order, select "custom" option while order on and write down your nail size (width of widest part of your nails) in mm/cm for your Left and Right hand (Thumb, Index, Middle, Ring & Pinky)

What if i am not comfortable in measuring my nails?

You can order your choice of set for 20 nails (2 nails of 10 sizes fits to avarage, petite and large size nails) with some additional cost.

What is included in a Package ?

- A set of press on nails of your choice
- Disposable nail file & buffer
- An Alcohol Wipe
- A Cuticle stick
- Nail Glue
- Temporary Adhesive Tabs
- Instructions

What is processing time to get my order ?

All sets are Made to Order.Hence, will take approximately around 1 to 2 weeks depending on current workload. Contact me for RUSH orders (with additional fees) and select for “Rush My Order” option at the time of checkout.

Are you shipping Internationally ?

Right now, I am not providing International shipping. Shipping only in USA.

How to Apply ?

Option 1: With Glue
- Cut your nails to shortest
- File the sides and push cuticle area for an accurate fit with manicure stick.
- Select the correct size nails for each finger & set them aside in order.
- Apply generous layer of glue on your natural nails and also on the back of press on nails.
- Starting at cuticle, press on & hold it tight for 20+ seconds applying pressure from all sides.
- File and shape them if needed.

Option 2: With Adhesive tabs
- First select size for adhesive tabs and set it aside with press on nails in order.
- Stick adhesive tab on back press on nails
- Put it together on your natural nails and hold it tight for 20+ seconds applying pressure from all sides.

Press on nails are how durable?

If taken good care;
- With generous amount of glue, it will stay for 2 weeks.
- With thin layer of glue, it will stay for a week.
- With Adhesive tabs, it will stay for 3 to 4 days.

How to Remove?

- Soak youur fingers in hot water for few minutes and let the glue soften.
- Once it lose little hold on your nails, gently push under press on nails and lift from sides.
- Same process for Adhesive tabs and glue. However glue will take little longer time to soften than tabs.
- Do not remove the nail sticker abruptly, it may leave some mark on your nail surface.

Are they reusable?

Yes, Nails applied with Adhesive tabs are more frequetly reusable than Glue Nails. All depends on how you remove glue nails. If you remove them gently without damaging them it would be same reusabe as Adhesive tabs.

Are you accepting returns or exchange?

Due to sanitary purpose, items are non-refundable or non-exchangeble. If you find any damages or other issues, contact me.

Anything else i need to know?

- Try not to touch the water within one hour after applying press on, which can effectively extend the service life of the nails.
- All nails are hand painted, hence every design will not be identical to another.
- Colors may vary from photos due to device display settings/features. All photos are taken by Android Phone in natural lights/ outdoors.

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